Toccata B.V
Office headquarters:

Hillegomstraat 12-14 unit 0.08
1058 LS Amsterdam

Tel: +31 (20) 669 5254
Fax: +31 (20) 617 4169


about us

Toccata is an administration office based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We provide in-house bookkeeping services as well as financial interim management.
We have a wide range of clients in- and outside the Netherlands. Toccata’s services are provided for both national and international operating firms. Our key factors are speedservice and accuracy.

Toccata has extended experience in providing financial services for companies that may have to comply with local regulations and regulations in the Netherlands. Within Toccata’s network, we can act fast and offer swift resolutions to regulatory requests or obligations.
Our professionals speak various languages, but also the language our clients understand. Our role is to service your company’s goals.
With the ongoing regulatory changes in the world, Toccata knows that accuracy is a main condition for companies to be successful and be competitive. Even further; nowadays non-accuracy may cause financial and legal risks that could jeopardise your company’s good standing.